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Studio Housekeeping

Always Arrive Punctually for class (Seniors should arrive at 15 minutes before hand to do warm up and stretch).


Grooming Be well groomed in correct uniform with no underwear visible and hair in a neat, secure bun.


Regular Class Attendance Regular class attendance is essential. Students who do not attend regularly fall behind quickly and will be underprepared for exams/presentation classes, performances and dance ministry. The higher grades have classes more often because the work requires more strength and regular repetition to be mastered.Much grace is extended to our little baby ballerinas as we understand that sometimes it is just "not going to work today", but do please send the office or teacher a message to let us know.


Eating and Drinking Students may not eat in the studio and cool drinks (preferably water) need to be containers with lids that do not spill easily. Please send water bottles in hot weather.


Communication Please can those dropping and collecting try to avoid having long discussions with the teacher before, after or during class, as this eats into valuable teaching time. A good time to call the office or your teacher is in the morning. Between 9 and 11:30

Watching Policy Parents are encouraged to watch class inside the studio on the last day of term ONLY and are requested to please not talk during viewing. Chatting amongst parents is very distracting for the dancers who are dancing for you. Dancers waiting for their class are allowed to sit and watch quietly or they may sit outside or in the change room. Siblings are the responsibility of the parents. If your dancer is going to be collected more than 10 minutes after their lesson finishes please make an arrangement with the office in advance.


Respecting the above helps create an atmosphere that promotes excellent dance training for all. Thanks so much for your understanding co-operation.

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