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Dancing should be enjoyed by all, no matter what level or age.

Hayley Hartley


Hayley started ballet at a young age and later added tap and modern. Hayley developed a keen interest in physiotherapy through dancing and she later qualified from UCT as a physiotherapist. She continued to dance and received her teachers’ in modern.


Hayley's career has fluctuated between physiotherapy and dance. While living in Botswana and having her children, she stopped physio and ran a dance school for 6 years. She was involved in many stage productions as performer and choreographer, along with her husband who enjoys the stage.  The Hartley family then moved to Mafikeng in 2005 and Hayley continued teaching there for the next two years. In 2007 they moved to East London and she went back into physiotherapy and started her own practice.

Hayley now runs her own physiotherapy practice and pilates studio and has been involved in CDA for 15 years; attending classes, being involved in productions, as a studio mom and now teaching modern.

Hayley believes that dancing should be enjoyed by all, no matter what level. She loves introducing young children to dance and allowing their bodies to move to the music. She enjoys that dancing allows for the creative expression of inner feelings and she says that "as I’m ageing and reaching my half century, I hope that dancing will still continue to be part of my life".

Dance Experience

Hayley teaches the Theatre Dance Association’s Modern syllabus here at CDA. Given her expertise in Physiotheraphy, Pilates and dance - she is a great choice as teacher for any dancer and is an incredible asset to CDA.

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